Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kinley vs. The Coyote

Well, I had an AD-VEN-SHURE last nite.  See, my momma took me out for da "Last Call" bidness trip.  It wuz 2 in da Ay Ems.  And did I do any bidness??  NOPE!  And neither did Brinley. Da mommas knew we needed to do bidness, so dey decided to take us on a late nite (or early mornin) walk.  Dey knew we wuzn't gonna get to walk today since it are a MONSOON out dere and Brinley's daddy are gettin rid of da Kitty-Cat-A-Racks in da udder eye.  So off we went.  And we wuz havin lotsa fun doin late nite sniffin.  Den I stopped dead in my tracks.  It wuzn't da bunneh eggcitement stop - I woulda been pullin towards Bugsy.  I stopped like I duz sometimes when somebody are followin us.  And somebody wuz!  Da mommas turned round and saw a COYOTE - only one house back.  And he wuz stalkin us!  So Brinley's momma yelled and Mr. Coyote took off.  And it wuz all cuz I alerted her!  Brinley nefur even noticed!

I are finkin maybe Mr. Coyote heard Brinley's momma singin da coyote song from Hank da Cowdog earlier on da walk "me just a worthless coyote, me howlin' at the moon . . . "  Anyways, it are NOT my fault for refusin to do my bidness and demandin a walk at 2 in da Ay Ems.  Dat are #fakenews.  I are a hero, I saved Brinley and da mommas from certain coyote death.

I fink Finley wuz just happy she did her bidness and got to stay home.  But she missed out on all da eggcitement!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Prez-uh-dents Day

Today it wuz Prez-uh-dents Day.  Momma says da mattress sales dis year are gonna be golden.

In honor of who SHOULDA been prez-uh-dent, we decided to bust out a classic dress from November 2016.

Resist, persist.


Finley rocks da orange much better dan da Cheeto-in-Chief.  Mmm, cheetos.  I's hungry now.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Selfies


Today, me and Brinley is modelin da new dresses my momma gave us for Valentine's.

Who says dat westies can't wear white??

Yeah, our new dresses are white - dey has sleepin forest critters on em.

Must not be any terriers around since den ya would NOT see sleepin critters.

Here are a close up of da buttons - a beaver, an owl, and a skunk!

Dat are da only way we wanna be wearin a skunk, BOL!

We're more dan happy bein da only "lil stinkers" round here!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Caturday Art

Today I are all pink for Caturday art!

Even un-art-ified I wuz wearin pink.

Brinley went for green - dis color makes her look like she belongs on dollar bill!

And Finley went all blue!  I still don't know why us pups don't has a day since kittehs has "Caturday."

But since we are gettin a WHOLE YEAR (fanks again China), we can give em Caturday.

I guess.


We has been havin big fun today - lotsa playtime and a nice walk!

Crockett and me kept playin chase today - he shure are fun to chase and sometimes he chases me too!

Friday, February 16, 2018

It's MY Year!

Yappy Chinese New Year!

Duz ya know what dis year are??

It are da year of da dog.

And not just any old dog . . . 

It are da year of da EARTH DOG!!

Which means terriers!!!  

Which means ME!!!

Ok, and Finley and Brinley.  

And a lot of our bloggin pals too.  Ok, and Brinley and Finley's momma since she are an Earth Dog too . . .

But mostly ME.  Happy Year of da Kinley! Gong hay fat choy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We is all dressed up today!

It are da day of LUV!

And we LUV each udder!

And food, BOL!

And I luvs my momma . . .

And pressies - we LUV pressies!

Brinley got two toys and a dress my momma made.

I got pressies too!


And a stuffie bone!

And a new dress!

Finley got some toys too!

And my momma got presents from Chewy!  Fanks!

Den we jetted off to Paris for da Postcards from Paris blog hop!  Bonjour y'all!

So, uhh, let's make wif da croissants, ok??  And a nice filet mignon and some champagne??